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28 June 2006
  DuranDuran fans will appreciate this

I've been searching for a full-length version of the "Careless Memories" anime from the 2004 "Astronaut" tour and I found it, thanks to my CheapAss upstream... she sent me a link to YouTube last week - thank you (which I actually had surfed a few months ago) and also found a few amusing clips, but something prompted me to go deeper today... result: I found a whole mess of old & new-school Duran Duran...

AND --- according to NASA we are going to be passed by an asteroid next week, supposedly in mad close proximity. Woooooo!
  More pressies & kittens!

Heh...I received a Japanese Hello Kitty charm from my childhood best friend Fiona - she recently took a trip to Tokyo and thought of me (again - she went last time and sent me a totally cute HK travel Kleenex holder)AND yesterday was her birthday (we-hell, I feel so old these days)... it's been all pressies and love for the Roxinator this week *grins*

You know, there's been so much rain this last week that it's turned everything all hot, steamy, damp and squishy. The kittens and Patchy momma have been hiding out under my patio chairs to stay dry.

And an actual knitting post.

27 June 2006
  Marmite... Vegemite... *big cheesy grin*

I was assessing my savory brown spread collection.
NZ Marmite!
UK Marmite!

Now all I need is an avocado, crusty bread and some buttah...

This is part of the wonderful RAK I received from Ali - the rest is sitting on the desk, but my camera batteries are sketchy

This is a packet of tasty Hawaiian Hurricane popcorn that one of my managers brought back from her trip to Honolulu, along with a Stitch cellphone charm

RAK'd by glittrgirl! I was talking about this book last month and *poof* it appears in my mailbox :)

I also recently received some lovely trinkets from Kozmic Kim --- a teeny pair of handknitted socks, a NZ-theme fridge magnet and a NZ-themed cellphone charm, each with wonderful messages of love and support for my high-stress life.

I am amazed at how much love there is out there and how well you all know me LOL

25 June 2006
  Finally met Stephy in the flesh LOL She was in MD this weekend and we finally met IRL --- Pam & Jen took her yarn shopping today and then we all went out to dinner after I got off work :)

She also gave me a pretty little Hello Kitty patch and Hello Kitty raspberry lip balm -- so thoughtful! Thank you!


Hey Stephy - get going on your plans to move up here, you'll be much happier *wink*
24 June 2006
  I celebrate my friends who are so wonderful

So anyways, back to the title --- I have such caring, thoughful friends. Pam came to see me the other day with Jen to bring me a (get this) can of SPAM. But not just any SPAM...

Golden HONEY Grail SPAM... from the SPAMalot live show LOL

Thank you so much Pam! You rock! Love ya sweety!

AND ... Anne/Pebbles sent me this beautiful little care package which was waiting for me when we got home today. It's fluffy Adrafil Baroque yarn, and a set of lovely, lovely bath soaps and fizzy tablets. There's also an adorable stuffed black sheep butAngel has it at the moment because I believe it smells of British cats ... Anne also had sent the most lovliest card that was written in her gorgeous penmanship with words of great comfort for myself and Mary over the death of her son, Donnell.

Thank you Anne, you are so thoughtful. My twin across the pond. *mwah*

And here's a bit of 1993 nostalgia :)

This is the Valley Forge Military Academy track team from that year --- we were in PA running a road race (it was a 10k race for me, but the "big" race was a half marathon) and I had to surround myself with all these cuties. 
15 June 2006
  Kittens and random shooting violence

An odd title for this post but read on....

Update on J'ville & Clamshell (been getting a lot of msg/emails this week--- thank you all for asking)

Patchy Baby is out and about but no kittens to be seen. The catcave hasn't been used in about 4 days that I can see, but she still comes around for her regular feedings, so I have assumed that

a) she has moved them and they are big enough now to fend for themselves


b) Someone came and picked them up - there's a lady who lives 2 buildings down who does volunteer work with shelter animals who used to do the food crawl with me to feed our feral community so maybe she or a person wanting of baby cats gave them a home.


c) There are wild red & gray foxes around here. Along with other assorted wildlife who are much bigger than Clamshell or Johnsonville. That's all I'm going to say.

But thank you all for being so awesomely supportive and checking on our little furry family.


Now the weirdness:

Saturday around 4am - my friend Mary found out that her 2nd son Donnell had been gunned down in Washington, DC. The funeral was yesterday, and there were over 400 people that showed up for the service which was so great for Mary and her family to see the show of love & support. The scary part is the DC Metro police detail that was posted around the church during the service "just in case" because Donnell had been violently shot...

Here's the article about the killing and here's the death notice. If you have a moment, please read the guestbook as well. Thank you.

13 June 2006
  I love chewing gum

Heh. Just a quick-n-dirty post... todays' title is actually a link to the soundbyte to that hilarious T-Mobile commercial with the cheerleader... some days I feel like that, and I love gum :)

Catch y'all in a bit --- work calls.
02 June 2006
  Crafty (ideas) day and.... kittens!

Well, kittens at least. I got absolutely nothing done staying up til 430 am this morning to watch over some feral stray kittens that were stranded on my patio last night during a big storm.

(posted about it here on Knittyboards - such awesomely kind & supportive souls there - thank you)

3 little gems. All about 3-4 weeks old, about the size of a bratwurst.
Kitten #1 = gray and black stripey - I named him Clamshell
Kitten #2 = black and orange splotchy - her name is Johnsonville (see bratwurst reference)
Kitten#3 = orange tabby - he is dubbed Twinkie.
i will try to get some pics in the next few days, just b/c they are so cute! ( sent a few of y'all a pic from my phone this morning - don't know if they all transmitted okay)

Twinkie is really sick so a neighbor's girlfriend offered to take him to the local vet for some care. (thank you Miss Helen!)

The other two are curled up in a homemade catcave that John made, so I hope hope hope that Patchy Baby will go back to nursing them. Please pray.

Continuing the cat & craft theme --- I saw this nifty craft project on iHanna's beautiful blog.

And for those who were emailing, pm-ing and text msging LOL I am going to use part of my Rowan 4-ply stash to make an Orangina. The rest... dunno yet.
I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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