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31 October 2006
  I'm a geek.. but I love Halloween!

Late as usual - I have no real piccies of my own from my awesome Halloween weekend (except for this one - It's Duk & Greg.
..drunk) so I have to guide you to Cristi & Pam's blogs ...

We went to a fun Halloween party at Pam & Kris's friend Johnny Mac's new house. Got there late because I wasn't feeling too well :( but I didn't want to bail or miss out b/c it's Pam & Cristi LOL
They have the best piccies, trust me. Kris was clicking away like a pro with his camera ;)

And Sunday, we had a wonderful, girl/knitty-bonding luncheon at Middleton Tavern in Annapolis with Miss Alice who is SO fun to hang out with --- she gave us little goodie bags with yummy Koigu and soaps (wait, Pam's yarn was green, soft and squishy, but I forgot the name LOL) - I wish I could do it more often!

Thank you Alice!

And tonight - we met up with Jakey Jake at Cheeseburger In Paradise... our original plan was to go in costume to Fells Point, but I'm exhausted and still not feeling so hot so we kept it low-key and just had fun eating and chatting. Jake had bug-eyes at the two sexy little waitresses who were dressed in skimpy cat costumes (I tried to convince him to ask one of them out but he balked) and our server Ray was so sweet - he drew a happy sailing cartoon on my take-out box for my leftover crab cakes. (see below)

And Pam made me the most awesomenest circular needle case for my birthday:

Love ya girlie - you are so talented!

Cristi, please move up here soon - you are too much fun to be so far away :)

Later kidlets!

TIme for sleepy sleeps!



PS - a small pressie courtesy oF penny_karma ;) --- Thank you chica!

Halloween, Adam Sandler-style

25 October 2006
  Man in The Street

Just some quickie old-skool Hooters footage from 1982...Man In The Street

And...Karla With A K
(a little more recently - 1987, the same year we were on MTV together)


Johnny B

And We Danced <----click here

24 October 2006

Ah hahaha CLick
here for the funniest sh*t - SharonP sent me this linky and it totally made my morning! Thanks chica!

Also some more niceties blogging - I found Gaile's blog via Cristi's blog and it was just such a pleasant read that made me smile.

Other news - I'm almost finished with hat #4 for Hats for Alex. Someone has put out trapper cages for the cats (or raccoons, or possums, or foxes) out back. I'm a little sad, although if they are really trying to catch the strays for good purposes (ie, warm place to sleep, new homes, food) then I'm okay. It probably explains why I haven't seen Clamshell, Patchy Baby or Mascara in a week then. John started his new job yesterday and he loves it. Can't quite say the same for mine right now, but I digress... I have felt nausea *blerk* ill for about a week now, and will go to the doc on Friday if I'm not better by then. Til then, we'll see.

Just baked crescent rolls... (oh don't get excited, they're from a can LOL) so I can eat some of my illlegal Vegemite for lunch.

(Still can't believe that sh*t....does our government have nothing better to do with our time & taxpayer $?)

I'll be back later. Check out Cristi's blog for her tutorial update and her piccies of FO Fetching... :) 
21 October 2006
  My sNb

Barnes & Noble Annapolis. Where I try to go every Thursday to see my friends - especially Pam & Alice, two of my favorite MD KNittingCats. *sigh*
I only get to go once in a while because lately all I do is work. .. but I was happy to squeeze in a few hours this past Thursday where even my awesome hubby joined us for a few hours, quietly reading the paper while we knitted and shot the breeze.

See the holiday pre-emptive strike? Wreaths. Are you ready for Christmas and Hanukkah? I'm not sure I am juuuust yet.
Geez, it's not even Halloween yet.
(Speaking of, Jake and I are probably doing something fun again this year which means I need to get my ass in gear for putting a cool costume together again...)

Maybe I should just knit scarves and hats as my gift-giving this year.

Ugly ones. Hideously crazy Muppet pelts and skinny scarves and ribbed beanies with or without HUUUUGE pompoms... Ones that will make everyone laugh, but they will be so soft and touchable, and warm that no one will be able to resist and will wear them as they will be under my tactile spell...*hee*

And what the f*** is up with the US banning VEGEMITE????

I am still stunned. Doesn't government bureaucracy have anything better to do than micromanage the import of brown fermented vegetable extract? Like say... finish up the war in Iraq? Monitor the dalliances of freak-boy politicians who terrorize underage intern pageboys?
Put gas in my car for a reasonable price? (Reasonable. This $2.07 a gallon is still a bunch of crap)

Hmmph. I think this is my cue to GO TO BED.

Laters my little ones,
  Knitting baby hats for a very special cause

This was something I had mentioned a few weeks ago, but now have more detail...

Pam has a friend who baby boy had a tragic accident at the expense of a cruel, thoughtless caretaker. The result is pending legal action against this woman who basically deserves to rot in prison for abusing a baby to death. Stupid bitch.

Website here.

But - on a positive note, we are banding together to knit baby/childrens hats in honor of Alex. 198 hats by the end of November - I am on hat #4. It gives me a little bit of hope that small babies in need will be warm because of our creations...

This and my homeless cat blankets will probably be my charity projects for the rest of the year.

Be back later - time for sleeps...
14 October 2006
  I present Eric Bazilian

*big cheesy grin*

Click on the piccie for more info.
12 October 2006
  Fed up. And brilliant. All in one day.

This was posted by a very smart woman today (the second part is what I'm referring to --- the socks part is fantastic and very positive LOL) - which renews my strength to show some unity for my true friends... It refers to a current situation that is affecting way too many people in a negative manner, but the person in question apparently has no idea that they are just digging their own social grave. Or they don't care, which is worse. Or they are too stupid to realize, which is their own fault. My vacation was jacked up because of this drama, and I am fighting with the hubby because of this shit and I am fed up. The nice, grandma's-cookies-side of me feels awful that there are no soft edges here but the whole of me applauds the author because I could have not said it better myself and this is something that NEEDS to be said. We are not sitting idly by anymore. (This is the fed up part, in case I wasn't clear before) There are other people who are more worthy of our time and efforts.

This is the brilliant part, posted in a place where everyone needs to see exactly what was really happening, plus the blog post referenced above^^^^
Which means at least over a dozen people that I personally know and/or who have come to me with detailed knowledge of the manufactured drama scam aren't being fooled anymore... hopefully more people will know and understand, thank God, but I agree with my friends - I hope the goodwill of kindhearted people will not be affected to reach out and help those truly in need.

From Oct. 5th

Dear Leech,

I'm done. The more I learn about you, the less I like what I read and hear. You've taken advantage of me and my friends for far too long and it's over. Stop calling me and stop whining about your situation. You got yourself into it, you get yourself out of it. Sit down, take a long hard look at yourself and see that you call people too freakin' much, you're rude, you're ungrateful, and you're obnoxiously immature. You're not going to get everything you need handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work for it. That means get and KEEP a job. Preferably one with benefits so you don't have to whine about not having insurance either. I'm done hearing it. I'm done seeing it. Stop.


And from today:

Dear Leech,

Words cannot describe the size of clue you apparently need to see the light and grow up. The money you have should be spent on RENT and perhaps taking care of your medical issues rather than spending it on God knows what at the mall. And the job? I don't care how much you think it sucks you have to suck it up and work it until you find something else. And you promised me you'd keep it for at least 6 months to a year for your resume to look better than it does now. Grow. Up.

A very disappointed former friend.

Also from today, by another smart woman:

Dear Little Miss Pitiful,

The gravy train is over. I hope you catch on to that. Oh, and I've found out that you can't be trusted on any number of levels, so I'm pretty much done. When something is told to you in confidence, that does not give you permission to tell any and all you feel like.

- No longer a friend

No further explanation for now... I simply say to these 2 post authors:


And just to add my .02 -

I posted this on Oct. 6th

Dear ******

Why are you still calling me?

And on the 9th

Dear ******

Wait, never mind. I don't have anything to say to you.


Just for further clarity:

This is a post by the Leech that should have sent up warning flags over a year ago for all involved, but shame on any of us for not seeing it... directly cut & pasted from her blog, and unabridged - in case you hadn't seen it yet...

Just thought I'd share before she has a chance to edit out the relevant parts, or lie about them or whatever is going on inside her clueless world... especially since she was called out today in grand fashion. It was beautiful. But
I wanted to give strong examples of what most normal people should be running away screaming in the opposite direction from, to keep at arm's length if at all possible...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

we'd like to know a little bit about you for our files...

50 things about goes.
1. I knit. Duh!
2. I'm one of the most hardheaded people I know. No matter what, I AM RIGHT.
3. I'm still driving my first car, a 1988 Honda Accord. It's falling apart.
4. I've never kept a job more than 7 months.
5. I'm an Irish redhead, but the red's from a bottle.
6. I'm the only one in my circle of close friends who speaks English as a first language.
7. As well as English, I speak a little Spanish and a *very* little Gaelic and Italian.
8. I drive fast, and drive badly, but I've always managed to talk my way out of anything that would go on my permanent record. Even when I left the scene of an accident.
9. I'm a strong advocate of birth control being available to teens after I lost my baby to miscarriage at age 18. It was an unexpected pregnancy (too much Bacardi) but not an unwanted one.
10. My first boyfriend, my baby's father, slammed me up against a wall and did permanent damage to my left shoulder. He also said "shit happens" when I told him our baby had died.
11. I am NOT a "knitter against Bush." I'm not a knitter AGAINST anything. That's not what knitting is about for me.
12. Did I mention I have crappy taste in men?
13. I like hard liquor, but not beer. I like wine with a meal, but I'm not a huge wine drinker.
14. I'm left handed, but use my right hand for things like using scissors. I use both hands equally for things like hand-sewing, embroidery, etc.
15. You can't tell me to "turn left" or "turn right" without an accompanying hand gesture, because I have to slow down and think about which way is left. And by that time I've missed the turn.
16. I love to play practical jokes. Hate it when they come back on me.
17. My hair's been partially gray since I was 6. Color won't cover all of it--there's one streak above my, uh, left ear that always shows.
18. My mom ran a daycare out of our house for many years. So I'm used to being around small kids, and I love them.
19. I'm allergic to bananas, coconut, hot dogs, and cream of chicken soup. I don't know why, but those things always give me migraines.
20. I'm vegetarian...almost. I eat dairy products and fish. But if I'm someone's guest I'll eat what's in front of me.
21. I'm the shortest adult in my family. Even my shrinking grandma is still 2 inches taller than I am. So I always wear heels.
22. My little toe on my right foot has been broken so many times the joint's not in the right place anymore.
23. I decorate cakes--beautifully! Waiting to use my dad's computer so I can post pics...
24. I'm a caffeine junkie, but trying to cut back.
25. Anytime you see me, I'm probably drinking chamomile tea. Which has no caffeine. *cries*
26. I love wearing lace. I'm just now learning to knit it.
27. My pet peeve is when someone thinks they're better than me. Or isn't completely honest with me.
28. I love music, all music, any music, as long as it's not hip-hop or really twangy country. I even love bagpipes.
29. I always try to think positive. I don't have bad things happen...I have "adventures."
30. My parents are strict Fundamentalist Protestant Christians. I'm not. I believe in God, but I don't believe that God would send a person to hell for making their own choices, after He gave us the gift of free choice.
31. I'm allergic to nickel, which means that Addi Turbo needles really aren't as fast for me as others are (I have to stop to scratch my itchy hands, and hydrocortisone cream stains yarn).
32. My grandmother on my dad's side died when I was 14. I dreamed it the night before it actually happened.
33. My mp3 collection is up to almost 1000 songs. And I still don't have a player.
34. I like to mix CD's for friends. I can go through up to 6 CD-R's before getting a mix I like.
35. I LOVE old movies. Especially late 30's through early 60's.
36. I'm such a yarn slut, I actually buy acrylic. On purpose. (But that's rare.)
37. I love vintage clothes, but being a size 18 (by modern sizes) they usually don't fit me.
38. I have a shoe habit. I've overdrawn my checking account twice because I just had to have them.
39. I stay broke. Money just runs right through me.
40. I love getting things in the mail. Even bills, because it's for ME and someone out there cares, even if it's just for my money. (Sad, I know.)
41. I have 2 dogs, and I spoil them rotten. I've woken up more than a few mornings with a dachshund sprawled out across my face and a boxer licking my ear.
42. I'm not as smart as people think I am. I just tend to absorb knowledge.
43. I love to read. Mysteries (not the violent ones!), romances, and sci-fi/fantasy are my favorites.
44. I have ADHD, for which I was medicated for many years, but my mother swears I don't anymore because "you're not hyper"!
45. Mom and I butt heads a lot.
46. I can talk to anyone. And I can talk most people into doing what I want.
47. I was accepted to cooking school, but when the money wasn't there and my then-bf and I broke up, I gave up on it.
48. I'm an eBay addict, but it's been a while since my last fix.
49. I played piano many years ago, but I'm itching to learn guitar and/or bodhran.
50. These gas prices are driving me f***ing nuts!
posted by ***** @ 4:46 PM
JUST FYI in case there's confusion: THIS IS NOT MY LIST!!!

A very sad state of affairs...
I'm pissed I even dedicated this much of my blog to such foolishness, but something needed to be said and she knows (I hope) that we are on to her. Now if only she would stop calling us.

Okay, back to real life and more important things.


11 October 2006
  Happy Happy joy joy

Whee! JOHN GOT HIS NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!! He starts ---- on the 25th? More details to follow as they come up....


Have a cat.


03 October 2006
  I love pink yarn just in case I haven't mentioned it before LOL

This is Rowan Big Wool in the color "Whoosh"
  Check out this wonderful little blog
This is Jen from Canberra aka Othlon/ozzyjen on the knittyboards...I mean, this is her artwork. Please click on the pic or title to take a quickie peek, scroll down her blog, enjoy...- I was moved by her watercolors and she is so sweet. I will add her to my lovely collection of lovely Aussies *wink* ... Hi Corey, Elizabeth, Laura, the list goes on...



PS-- I'm fairly cranky about some unnecessary drama happening around me and some people close to me, but I can't explain about it now on the road -- I may go into detail when I get back.
02 October 2006
  Edited out the background music for Beanie Baby's benefit --- ---- because I would like all my friends to have a fun and pleasant blog-reading experience ;)

01 October 2006
  Invasion of the Bezzies! Knittyheads need no explanation LOL
I'm in the top right corner. Bezzie is in the bottom right.
I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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