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30 October 2005
  Ready for Halloween?
I am. I made a costume for me and John, but he's probably not going to wear his tomorrow, since he is going in later than I am. I on the other hand will drive in to work in costume, and will attempt to wear it all day. LOL Not telling y'all yet what it is, but will post a pic or two. I think I'm also going trick or treating, but not to get candy (yes I know I'm a little too old for THAT) --- I'm going more for fun and companionship with Jake & his friends. Plus, my costume will be funny.

Today was a strange day - we met up with friends from NJ - HI POKE & CINDY and had a wonderful lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. They were driving back from their vacation in Orlando, and brought us back a bottle of champagne & a Stitch doll from WDW.
Then, I was trying to get home to watch the race, but ended up going on a quest for 2 hrs trying to find quarters to do laundry. Mutha effing pay machines to do laundry --- I miss our little dualie units we had back in Frederick. Small, but MUCH more convenient & cheaper! It was a one-load washer with a dryer stacked on top and believe me, we were spoiled!

Wish we could afford one of these babies LOL

Angel is burrowing her snout inside my LM Knit-Around bag which has a Kidsilk Haze WIP, in Candy Girl. I caught her licking a ball of KSH this morning - I think she thought it was another cat or something - *grrrrr*

Update on the Knitty Secret Pal 5 homefront:

I have a new SP! (S)he calls herself EmergencyBackup Secret Pal, since I apparently have been flaked-out upon again. Maryann (MACDADDY - yeah!) was really nice and knew I was bummed about not getting any contact or presents from my upstream for this round other than a few emails 2 months ago and a card. So --- the SP team has been super-nice to make sure I get something out of this round and I am very appreciative. Thank you.


26 October 2005
  Azn Pryde What the eff?

LOL I have to laugh - I found this on Quaffy's blog --- it's supposed to be a classification guide for Asians


Which one are you? I'm still trying to figure out which one I am LMAO --- in the meantime...

Gimme some pho! But no meat!!!

Hey does anyone use Wikipedia? This is an awesome reference resource - check it out! Make a donation, b/c it is a free service but ...well, read about it here. You'll understand. Thanks to Monkee for helping me find this link :)

Today's fun pattern is courtesy of WendyKnits - the ultra cute Kitty Pi cat bed! Thanks to Wendy for such an awesome free pattern...this will be my next mindless project b/c I have a ton of feltable wool sitting around waiting to be made into another Marsupial tote or a few cat beds LOL

23 October 2005
  Jeff Gordon can eat my @$$ with a spoon
Effing drive all the way to Martinsville, and he wins the race? Whatever!

Dale Sr. - we miss you!

too tired to describe it here - check out my MySpace blog...

21 October 2005
  For Monkee's benefit - part 2 heh heh heh - from my pics archives: my trip to Houston back in March earlier this year. Who knew those guys would be going to the World Series? There were two great signs juuuuust inside the entrance under the banner --- one said VIAGRA in 5foot tall letters and the other was the "Home Run Pump"... those crazy 'Stros fans.

Getting ready to take a nap then hop in my little yellow car to head to Martinsville for this weekend's NASCAR race... gawd, I hope it doesn't rain. I will be so mad. We gave Her Majesty a bath earlier and she was a little beeeyotch - scratched the shit out of my arm so now I am bleeding all over the desk. Well, not really now, but I was before. John has to work so I will be driving by myself and meeting up with friends down there... watch the race, then take a nap, & drive back to be at work on Monday afternoon.

Moishe sent me a huge honking belated berfday gifty box yesterday to the store, but I didn't get it til today because I was in Baltimore. OMG it was stuffed full of Sanrio/Hello Kitty goodness! I will post pics when I get back. Many thanks - MAHALO - to my little sis, she is so sweet! Love ya sista!

For those of you who haven't heard our own Amy Singer, editrix - click here and download the KnitCast/Sciville podcast interview (you can dl it to your pc then listen) --- Thank you to Ali - woohoo! (added 10/22/05 via laptop en route to VA -- wooeee terrible me!)

OKay be back laters.

xo Rox 
20 October 2005
  Had to stick this in
in its own post - many thanks to Kay aka dkswife. Love ya grrrrlie!

*still ROFLMAO*
  Salsa Doritos and a hour to get out of the city

...but I will not bitch today.

Instead I will post a few pics from the last few weeks. You all know Angel - here she is helping me fold laundry. And - Robyn & Jake, two very good friends of mine whom I love & adore. We were at the Richmond NASCAR race last month, in the fan area. Jake is a musician and also races in the NASCAR regional truck series, Robyn works in retail management and sells Mary Kay. The other pic is Slinky Baby, sunning herself. (She is so worthless sometimes.)

I turned off the damn a/c, am wearing a sweater and a long-sleeved shirt and I have jeans and slippers on. I should probably get up and make some tea.
I was in North Baltimore today doing charity work for my company. It was cold. It was rainy. There were over a hundred riled-up schoolkids and nothing but fried chicken and old coffee for lunch. And it took me over an hour to get home, when it should have been 15 mins tops. Traffic was so bad, I could actually sit at the lights while they were green (but no one was moving anywhere) and knit. Which I did - I had my Enchante WIP with me LOL
I stopped at Three Brothers closer to home to get some take-out for dinner, but ended up eating half a bag of Salsa Doritos because I am a dork and stowing the baked ziti with spinach for lunch tomorrow...
Now I am almost done with a mindless eyelash scarf project I decided to whip up because I wanted to have the instant gratification of a FO so what better way than to plow through 2 sk of Bernat Disco in electric fuschia with sz 13 scarf needles hahaha. Like I really needed another pink furry scarf, right? No worries. I'll wear it or give it as a gift - haven't decided yet.
What is important here is that I knitted and enjoyed myself! Woop!

Now all I need is my first SP5 gift and I'll be happier.


I haven't heard from my knitty SP since Sept. 26th. (S)he sent me an email apologizing that she hadn't had internet access since August due to personal/technical problems and swore that there was a gift being sent that weekend. I'm getting worried because since then I posted two messages on the knittyboards, emailed her twice to check on her, see if she was okay and still no answer.


I hope I don't seem like I'm getting all in a tizzy about SP gifting, but I have sent 2 out already, with my 3rd & 4th justthisclose to being sent out - just wanted to pace myself - but, well you can understand...

(Last round I sent 7 gifts in 3 months - *whew* - and the Holiday SP round is about to start...)

Well, a cup of green tea has my name all over it. Will be back laters!

Cool-ass project I'd like to do -- courtesy of Missy aka monkeemaven (thanks!!!) - Modular Felted Backpack

19 October 2005
  Tommy Lee Goes To College I was late for work this morning b/c I stayed up to watch all 6 episodes of this VH1 reality show, and overslept by 45 mins... What is is with me and rock star reality? I am such a dork.
(Well, I loved Tommy Lee & Motley Crue back in high school, so I guess that was the natural attraction but the show was actually pretty fun. )

18 October 2005
  I'm feeling cranky right now. (<---- can you see the cats & birds in this pic?)

WHy is it that I work 60 hrs a week and then when I finally have a day off, all I want to do is sleep and eat, knit a little... but then I get pissed off because I didn't do anything I would consider "productive"? I also love to shop, but not with other people. Seriously. I figured that out today when John & I went to Target & to get some groceries that I realized that I hate shopping with other people. Not because I'm anti-social, because I'm not. It's because I prefer to amble and browse the shelves & racks at my own pace, and not have to worry about where my friend/husband/other person is. Or to have them say "hurry up, keep up with the group" or something equally grrrrrr. I thought about the last time I went shopping with friends, and realized that I didn't have a good time or I bought stuff I didn't really want. ANd - they were impatient b/c I wanted to go look at things that they weren't interested in. (sporting goods, MAC counter, books) It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the company, I just like to take my time and shop at my own pace and mode of attitude. The last time I went shopping with my older sister - this was back in high school - I wanted to stomp on her b/c she said I needed to cover my fat ass and to stop picking everything black or purple. (I wasn't fat in high school - was about 135 lbs but thicker b/c I played lots of sports - but compared to my 85-lb twig sisters, I was a beast) My mother was a little kinder the last time we went to the mall last year, but she's tiny and was upset I was such a tomboy back then and a busty sea wench now, so she had her running commentary the whole time I was in the dressing room. So these days, I just really really prefer to shop alone.

On a more positive note, I received very beautiful stitch markers from someone in No. Hollywood, CA (THANK YOU!) as part of the Oct. Stitch Marker Swap - will have to do a monster photo shoot once I get my camera situation straightened out.

Enough of my bitching for now. I'm sure I'll have plenty more to whine about later this week LOL

Much love to you,

PS - if you survive the sheer crankyness of this post, please make a comment to give me something to chuckle about later, while I check my email LOL

09 October 2005
  Sunday sunday sunday
I slept for about 13 hours last night. Went to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up around 11:30 this morning and baked some biscuits for brunch. I was so tired I fell asleep twice on the way home (John & I carpool 3 or 4 days a week) and once while watching tv after we got in. My friends called me from their car (they are visitng from New Hampshire, friends & family in PA and northern MD --- hopefully we can get together this week b4 they have to go home) so I took that as my signal to get up and start my day. Right now, I am watching the pre-race stuff for the NASCAR race today @ Kansas and there are 2 of my 9 kittens out on the patio eating and cleaning... looks like Marshall (one of the twins) and Deez Nuts.

Big thank yous to Sharon P and Corlyth (Ari) for a video of Knitty Gritty episodes and a GORGEOUS set of amazing stitchmarkers. I received them both yesterday and am excited to settle in for a few hours of tv and yarn time tonight. (I have a store meeting at 6:30 tonight - so much for a true day off!)

(shopaholic alert - from Sharon's website - I found a cool link for a bargain on Brown Sheep grab bags - click here)

Fun pattern for the day : Thanks to MK Carroll/mizuna of SnB fame - Eggs & Bacon

I'll be back later. My toes are cold. 
02 October 2005
  My new fascination (for now)

... is Jordis Unga from Rock Star:INXS

I couldn't get her performance of "Need You Tonight" out of my head for weeks and now it recycled itself in a dream I had last night LOL

I was also singing it to myself on the way to work today.

I know she was 5th runner-up, but still I hoped for her to win.

She reminds me of me when I was younger, but I was a little more mouthy and outgoing, in a sweet way. (I was also MUCH skinnier!)
If I had the chance to dress and do my hair and makeup the way she does on a daily basis I'd be in heaven because it looks like it's so free and fun. I like that look or Miss Parker from The Pretender
Or all-time fave - Lucy Liu!


Time to have pizza rolls for dinner, then knit. Then... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...

xo roxy

PS - there are lots of little kittens running around my patio. I'm too tired to go take pictures.

I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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