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23 November 2006
  No internets til after Thanksgiving


(I'm on "borrowed" internets right now LOL)

I'll be back ASAP


PS - thanks you to all the chicas who have been keeping me sane and smiling via text :D

Happy Thanksgiving! 
18 November 2006
  The famous pink trenchcoat
A few of you have been asking/msging me about the "pink trenchcoat". Well, my husband bought me an amazing pink, pearly leather trenchcoat for Christmas last year and I adore it. I tried to find another one for my mother for her birthday, but it is nowhere to be found so I am feeling like I am doubly lucky because John has such cool taste in clothes and I have a unique clothing item. In this particular piccie, we've been told we look like Charlie's Angels. (and yes, I'm a plus-sized woman, not pregnant so that's why my butt looks really big here LOL) In case you didn't get the info from the previous relevant post, (left to right) it's ALiceC, Trillian42 aka Pam, Turtlegirl76 aka Cristi and me. Oh and a congratulations to Miss Pam for being promoted to mod/spam killer on the knittyboards yesterday. Yay!

In other news, progress on my Fetching and Fuzzy Feet...
10 rows before the thumb on the 1st Fetching & John's life-sized feet with Fuzzy Feet drying LOL

14 November 2006
  Just a quickie. (This is a great song.)  
10 November 2006

OMG I am such a dork. But I did it. I'm making Fuzzy Feet for John and started a pair officially last night and turned the first heel. My FIRST HEEL EVA!!

It's ugly, and loose and holey and thank goodness this sucker will be felted, but I did it!

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted in Orange You Glad and Charcoal
Needles: Clover 16" circs in sz 11, and dpns sz 10.5

I think I juuuuuuuuust might be able to make a g-d sock but I should finish my Fetching & Fuzzy Feet first, plus my 4 baby blanket/hat sets and try to stave off UFO syndrome again...

And I love Lisa Souza yarn, just in case I haven't mentioned it before LOL... also I joined the Lime & Violet KAL - I hope to get approved in soon :) is almost live, by the way.
We have a test run going at until I can kick into submission...

It is the Asian Trifecta from the knittyboards:

Tania aka mikomiao
Laura aka nimrodel
Karen aka cooknknit
MJ aka nerdcoop
Jasmeet aka Artsygal
and moi

(yeah I know there's more than 3 but the joke is that anytime there are any 3 of us - plus Helen (poetangel922) or Tamara (labean/BeanieBaby/LaSoyaBean) - in chat, then it's Rice Power time because there is an Asian Trifecta. That knits...and apparently spins now too LOL)

More updates to come!

I'll put the pics up in a bit after I finish editing LOL

04 November 2006
  side note - sorry my layout is jacked up, but I'm... ...too tired to fix it LOL  
  Yarn pR0n & poker
Poker night with the boys & girls ( I sat and knitted as usual) and my new favorite --- Lisa Souza Lime & Violet Super Sport (woop!) And random pics on my way into downtown Baltimore....

02 November 2006
  pinky sparkly

Cristi made me a pattern row counter using her now-world-famous technique. I forgot to post it on my last post because I had already attached it to my WIP of Fetching and it made me think abput snapping a pic when I pulled it out this
evening to work a few rounds. I love it - it is pinky and sparkly (even thought my camera isn't so great-I have an old HP 635) and so very roxy-like!

Thank you for my custom row-counter, Cristi. You were right, it is perfect for this project!

On a brief & different note, I had a few people ask me the other day whether or not a certain someone had responded to my "Fed Up - And Brilliant..." post from earlier this month...
Actually that person had,and I didn't give anything worth a damn about what could possibly come out of her lying mouth but since I am a fair and honest person... I'm putting her response here, unedited, direct cut & paste from my file.


***** has left a new comment on your post "Fed up. And brilliant. All in one day.":

April 16, 2005. A little long to expect a person to stay the same, don't you think? People do grow up, you know.

Posted by ***** to Meowycakes Clothing Co. =^,,^= at 10/15/2006 03:15:58 PM


After discussion with several people, it has been determined that in our opinion - no such thing has occurred in her case, especially in relation to this whole situation and everything previous to it. Especially x 2 with that snotty tone, since I personally didn't expect anything from her other that to not be constantly barraged by her extreme annoying immaturity, lies, and excessive phone calls. And - I'm not the one who posted such outlandish crap to a "50 Things About Me" list so I take offense to that same snotty tone in her response from above. (And you can be damn sure The Yankee Boy was NEVER interested in her from the beginning so whatever you all have heard in chat from her in the past, just circle file it.)

I,in fact, think she is nowhere closer to growing up than she thinks she may have. That still reinforces the fact that she is in serious need of a reality check. That is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of many who have been on the sidelines since this whole nonsense began.

She posted this to her blog earlier the day before:

"I'm sorry"

2 Comments Hide Original Post

I didn't mean for you guys to save me. I didn't mean for everyone to pull me out. It just happened. I never meant for people to jump in, just because I vented about my problems. So if y'all aren't my friends anymore, that's your choice. But come on. This is my blog and I'll vent if I want.
Trillian42 said...

Talk about too little, too late. You whine here, you whine on the board, and when people DO pitch in to help you, you can't even be bothered to say "thank you" until you are TOLD to do so.

Whatever. I'm done. Lose my number.

2:20 PM

A beautiful soul calling herself dharma posted some truly sage opinion/advice in the Comments section that same day as well:
Dharma said...

Wow. You really pissed some people off....I don't think I've ever seen such drama online. Self-manufactured drama, that is.

Here's the thing...yes, this is your blog, and yes, you can vent here, but from what I've seen and read you went WAAAAY further than venting, and you took it elsewhere than here. You CALLED people. Incessantly, by some accounts. You kind of took advantage of people's good nature, and that's a crappy thing to do (and that's a HUGE understatement). See, it's people like you who make people like me think twice before giving someone money or goods or even time.

I don't know how you can fix this, chickie. I think that you're just going to have to take the bad Karma that you've created for yourself and press on. Oh, and leave the girls who helped you alone, before they get restraining orders against you (and in some places they CAN get a restraining order against you. States are getting hip to electronic communications and statutes are appearing all over the place).

2:24 PM


So that is the last contact I personally had with the Leech.

We actually hope she gets her sh*t together, hope she realizes that she has no one to blame but herself for her predicaments, and then learns that you don't get far in life by whining, lying, and constantly annoying people. She has burned too many bridges here in MD as far as the 3 of us are concerned, but we hope she can find her way back to a sane, normal place --- eventually --- down the road.

According to her...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Actually, I LOVE my new job. Full time hours, good pay, and I'm working in a clothing store, which I really like. My parents and I are on good terms again, and this is really working out well. Not getting a lot of online time, but that's OK.
posted by ***** @ 4:34 PM


Maybe she really did mend ways with her family, maybe her aunt & uncle up here (which she conveniently forgot to tell us about in the beginning of all this manufactured drama) are helping her out, maybe not. I take it with a grain of salt because really, it has been determined that you can only cry wolf so many times...


The icing on the cake? She made a claim on the 15th, on the boards, that she was going to pay people back as soon as she got a job and a regular paycheck, and I'm pretty sure that hasn't (or won't even remotely) happened either. Job or the payback. It's even funnier, that in the face of people who really know the truth and the details/backstory, that there continues to be a string of excuses and how woe-is-me is still her normal modus operandi.

It doesn't matter to me in the end, though. I just wanted to answer the questions that were put to me earlier this week. And now I have.

Doing my public service, that's all. *giggles*

Moving on!

On a much more positive note, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the hubby today! Thank you sweetheart!

(and see the glowy eyes in the background? That's Slinky Baby...)

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with Pam & Alice (and one of her friends) at Stitches East in Baltimore. It should prove to be exciting and interesting :)

Will report back. *salutes*

I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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