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27 May 2007
  One of my all-time favorite commercials  
25 May 2007
  A random meme from Brandy on MySpace


Who is your cell phone provider? Verizon
What kind of phone do you have? Motorola RAZR
What color is your phone? gray & pink
Is your phone a bar phone, flip phone, or slider? Flip
How long have you have your phone? A year
What phone do you want next? Some Samsung thingy that Heather has.

Open your cell phone...

Who is your last missed call? Jake
Who did you last call? Heather
Who last called you? Jake
Who is your fifth missed call? someone looking for a job
Who is your third received call? My boss

Open your text messages...

What is your eighth text message? A question from Heather
How many messages are in your inbox? 86
Who do you have messages from? John, Laura, Heather, Jake, Amod, Alice, Pam, Matt, Ru, Angela, Ashley, Karen, Michelle, Travis, Verizon Customer Service, Sajin, Rachel, Jason, Cristi, Dave, Chris S, Chris D, Eric
What is the sixth message you sent? "John is working til 5."
Who do you text the most? John or Heather.

Open your phone book...

Who is the first person in the T's? Tania
Who is the fourth person in the P's? Poke
Who is the fifth person in the B's? Becca
Who is the first person in the I's? ICE
Who is the third person in the O's? No one
Who is the fifth person in the R's? Ru
Who is the first person in the W's? WTOP traffic hotline
Who is the first person in your phone book? Ali
Who is the last person in your phone book? Verizon Auto-pay speed dial

Final Questions...
Do you prefer to call or text? depends on who it is
Do you take pictures with your phone? 92% of the time
Do you set individual ringtones for each of your friends? Some of them.
What is your main ringtone? Don't Cha
Do you get online on your phone? Nah. I'd need a keyboard phone for that.
Do you buy ringtones, make them, or use the ones on the phone? Buy em. 

24 May 2007
  Ganked from Pam who ganked from Yorkie...



Benevolent to a fault

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Thanks Pam! :) 

Chris Cornell's cover of
Billie Jean (bizarre) 
21 May 2007
  The Jacket.
Originally uploaded by harajukuroxy.

For those who were asking to see the finished product.

...And this is one of two new Fuzzy Feet I am working on for John.

16 May 2007
  Memes and WTF was I thinking (at end of post)

Ganked from Pam's blog today: (thanks sweety!)

Bold for stuff you’ve done, italics for stuff you plan to do one day, and normal for stuff you’re not planning on doing.

My personal knitting conquests LOL


Many thanks to Cristi for finding this - I haven't stopped laughing since I clicked on it


And now the WTF was I thinking part....

I just completed my Tuxedo Jacket from Twinkle's Big City Knits.
At 2:17 am this morning.

I was sitting in bed while John slept, completing the second sleeve, seaming them and weaving in ends, la la la - and watching "For Love Of The Game" with Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston - and was feeling pretty good about only taking 6 weeks to actually complete a sweater without losing the project bag, losing stitch counts or any other of my previous disasters...

No such luck. I wasn't getting off that easy.

I tried on the sweater this morning before going to work and cried.
Now, not withstanding the fact that it still needs to be blocked, but OMG it looks TERRIBLE on me. Awful. The only way it resembles anything like the FO in the book is if I put it on a clothes hanger or lay it out on the bed. See, I'm too fat for these patterns but I tried to talk myself into thinking if I just modified the patterns to fit my measurements then it would be fiiiiine. 5 & 1/2 skeins and 6 weeks later I have a beautiful chair cover. The pictures of the original FO/pattern in the book are on a tall willowy skinny wisp of a model who is most likely a size 4 and 6 feet tall and she looks great in her white TJ sweater. I look like a tree stump. I need to lose like 80 lbs before I can successfully pull this look off. Or go back to 1987 when I was skinny and dressed like Sheila E.

09 May 2007
  SuperFug! (@ MD S & W 2007)
Originally uploaded by cbturtlegirl76.

"Wearing the Fug so you don't have to!"

Will post more later -- gotta go finish laundry...

  *where my cookies at, yo?*
Roxy is horny
Originally uploaded by cbturtlegirl76.


  Knitting on the Red Scarf Projects
Knitting on the Red Scarf Projects 2
Originally uploaded by cbturtlegirl76.

Cristi took this piccie of us at MD S&W contributing to All About Yarn's Red Scarf Project. Can you spot the redneck?

05 May 2007
  My Flickr badge doesn't work in the sidebar (yet) LOL

This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from harajukuroxy. Make your own badge here.

04 May 2007
  Mikomiko thank you thank you
Mikomiko thank you thank you
Originally uploaded by harajukuroxy.

More pressie - oh I'm not worthy LOL

Tania sent me some special Hello Kitty plush dolls and yummy yarn...

Again I am the luckiest to have such fantastic friends who are looking out for me. I truly appreciate my friends and am truly blessed.

Speaking of friends - Cristi is in town for MD S&W so if all goes to plan, she, Pam & I will meet up with other knittyheads on Sunday. They're already going tomorrow, but I of course have to work.

I'm not even going to get to go to Richmond for the spring NASCAR race!!!


  More cats that aren't mine LOL
Originally uploaded by junku.

Fuwari & Kin.

On YouTube too.

Thank you yet again Jun. :)

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