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26 April 2006
  No particular reason, just Wednesday

91 rows in to the effing cast-on band of the back piece of Lift & Separate. of 161 rows. That's it. That's my progress in 4 days. *sigh*

I am PMS-y so don't mind me. I have PMS and I have pink eye. What a g-d pain.
Just when I start to finally feel better from the last few weeks of ear/throat funk I get this. WTF. I have the immune system of a rotten apple.

Okay, so back to my pic... my Kacha-kacha counter, my 29" sz 6 circs and my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in a pink silk Lantern Moon knitaround bag. (oh and that's a Green & Black dark chocolate praline truffle up in the corner with a wrapper from the other one I just ate, from the gifty pack that Gill sent me)

I was looking at my cast-on for Orangina that I did back in January, but never got past the 3rd row of the back piece, because of my knitting ADD. And I still am on row 47 of Clapotis. And my first sock is still on 4 dpns about 25 rows into the cuff. And my Silk Sleeves from One Skein are almost done - I've completed one sleeve and am 1/3 into the other. Plus I have one mindless project going on -- 37 sts of k1/p1 rib on size 7 needles in Kidsilk Haze, just going row by row til the ball is done LOL
So my next decision is - which project should get my renewed attention? I would really like to be able to COMPLETE one thing, maybe 2 before starting or going to another one.
But remember I have knitting ADD? *chuckles softly*

At one point, I had 17 WIPs going. 17!!!

I frogged most of them, completed 3 and kept the Clapotis, Orangina, the sock & Silk Sleeves . (well, Silk Sleeves was actually Enchante reborn) Like I had stated previously, I am gun-shy of major projects ever since my Kyoto fiasco. But diving into Lift & Separate is my attempt to remedy that and despite my slow-ass progress, I am excited because the strip so far is so soft and the stitch definition is lovely. I really enjoy the Cashmerino DK and had forgotten how I could actually make a pretty WIP on small needles in a thinner weight yarn. Heck, if it makes me look skinnier, then I am all for it.

(I'm playing with fonts, don't mind me)

I found Olga's take on Ghetto Knitting again and it made me laugh - my friend Dan seems to agree on the points made too.

And this is my latest find... This awesome Icky Baby Sushi Tote - the pattern is discontinued but there are various items in this pattern floating around the internet. I saw the bag originally when I met Lila/thatfarmgirl at our KNitting Cat SnB and she had her Orangina WIP in it. I was in love with it from the very beginning and have been searching for one for a month. Lila actually found the eBay link for me last week and emailed it. So now I can be cool and hip like her...

Thank you Lila! *grins*

22 April 2006
  Big Girl Knits and When's my Free Yarn Shopping Day?

(SIDEBAR! Today Is EARTH DAY 2006)

So, on Thursday night I went to Borders, picked up my copy of BGK and hugged it. In the store. At the cash register. In front of a dozen people in line. Squee'd too.

(I'd been glomming the Big Girl Knits website & blog too for weeks...)

I've been very excited for months waiting for this book to come out so I came home, settled in bed with my tea, the book and the KnitPicks catalog. I started flipping through the pages excitedly, my head filling with all kinds of ideas on what I was going to knit and how many in different colors and should I invest in more Addis or buy the Denise set...

As I progressed through the pages, I started to slow down and really read the pattern details.
I flipped back and forth between the front section - A MUST read - there's amazing info that is real & down to earth regarding Big Girl Fashion - and the back, where all the patterns are.
I have come to the realization that there is no way in thee blue hell I am ever going to be able to make it through 98% of these lovely designs.

I posted this in a sub-thread (where Tigerlilith was polling the general public about whether or not she should frog her progress on the Knitty Pomatomus sock pattern because of unsatisfactory progress) on the Knitty boards because I was so amp'd up.
Quick FYI : There's a whole section on the boards to promote BGK & Knit Wit, Amy's two wonderful books. But I decided to hide it just enough so that I could vent, possibly get feedback and not throw a total monkey wrench into the BGK thread.
I actually had started out posting my woes in there, but thought better because A) I adore Amy and didn't want to bring negativity to the book launch & B) Why should other people have to suffer my whining because I am a sucky knitter?

Okay can this apply to my new love -- the Big Girl Knits book? I was going to post this in the BGK thread, but I didn't want to rain on Amy & Jill's parade and bring negativity to that wonderful thread because I really do love the book, but....

*deep breath*
Here goes...

harajukuroxy wrote:
OMG I love2love2love2love2love2love2love2love2love2love2love2 this book except that there a wee problem... this stuff is much more advanced than I can knit with my present skill. (ie, I suck)


The most difficult thing I've knitted so far as apparel is Cleaves and OSW. And a tube skirt. And 2 Bobblicious.


Remember, I knit square things. Rectangles. Scarves. Booga Bags. I am a painfully slow knitter with huge knitting ADD

My blog has more yarn porn than FO's. Evil or Very Mad

What's a B3 girl to do?

There are so many beautiful things in here - it would take me YEARS to finish anything beyond the Cherry Bomb tank or any of the accessories - remember I'm still working on my first sock from the kit that Rothane gave me from SP5 and I have a 1/5 completed Clapotis...


Any advice for the snotroxy girl from you fearless knitters out there? (to quote turtlegirl's wonderful description of Stephy Very Happy)

APOLOGIES TO TIGERLILITH -- I didn't mean to hijack your thread, but I'm really sad about this wonderful find. Or maybe because I am still sick. Or a combination of both. I also have bad luck with intricate apparel patterns - last year I was all ambitious about Kyoto and my WIP bag with the 2/3 WIP and a lot of yarn was stolen/lost/thrown away by accident... I was inconsolable. It reminds me of the boyfriend sweater curse.

So that's my gripe. Don't get me wrong.... this book is wonderful and a Gourd-send. I love the honesty of the information section and Amy/Jill's fun style and manner of dispensing big-girl fashion & fit advice is so refreshing. The layout and design of the book (I love the font!) and Erica's illlustrations are just amazing.
But for me, the meat and potatoes of the book - the patterns - are just way too intimidating. And that makes me sad, because I do have a lovely stash and lots of needles and the need for beautiful clothes to make me look good and I am a HUGE fan of Amy & her books... but I have to face it, I suck at anything beyond a scarf, Booga Bag or something that requires shaping or yarn smaller than worsted #4 weight. I am the queen of chunky yarn and size 11 and bigger needles.

I know knitting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but I fear that if I start one of these gorgeous projects I will get frustrated or the Kyoto curse will happen or I will have knitting malaise on a larger scale...

I did get a reassuring response from turtlegirl76 the day after I posted my gripe:

"I'm going to second the suggestion to put it aside for a week and come back to it. Make your decision when the initial period of pissedoffedness subsides.

Roxy - you need to take a chance. You don't suck! You just don't give yourself enough credit. You have the skills, you just need to believe in yourself. Pick a pattern, take a deep breath, and cast on! I just finished my first sweater with arms (I'd made a sleeveless vest as my first project from a pattern) and I was intimidated at first too. But it's done. And it fits. And I love it! I'm so glad I took the plunge. Tosses Roxy some noseplugs and swimcap Your turn.
" ...

Thanks sweety, that did make me smile after I read it.

So my next wonder: For my next Free Yarn Shopping Day (in May), should I actually go and shop for some yarn to attempt a sweater or skirt from BGK? Make a commitment to try and knit something BGK no matter how long it takes or should I try and bribe my mother to knit it for me? LOL (she's an amazing knitter/cr*ch*ter)

On a more positive note I simply must hug and kiss my Knitty homegrrrls Ali and Gill/Floss (yay! Gill's got a new blog!)

Ali shipped me two HUGE boxes of stickers that arrived yesterday to my job. OMG I wanted to faint. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Amazing reciprocation will be had as soon as I get back on my feet :)

Gill sent me a packet of tasty Green & Black dark chocolate pralines and a set of gorrrrrrrgeous beads from Beadazzled Ltd in Shropshire - it arrived just as I was curling up on the sofa and whining about how shitty I felt... he handed me the parcel and shook his head, saying "Stop whining - one of your knitty buddies can hear you"
I had to laugh. What was really funny on top of that was that 30 mins before, I just finished taping up a box that I was shipping out on Monday, along with a few others that is addressed to Gill.


Many thanks to my grrrls - y'all are too thoughful and you are truly appreciated.

Don't forget to do your part for the Earth today and every day :) Thanks!
16 April 2006
  No reason, just more cats and yarn

I was trying to start another
Bobblicious, but her Majesty had a say otherwise. She was sawing wood in this pic and had her un-visible paw wrapped in the yarn skein. Bitch.

Angel is actually sitting on one of my WIPs (
Clapotis) in this pic but her expression is so intelligent I had to snap a pic.

Happy Easter. I'm going to bed early because believe it or not, I am sick again. I have a raging sore throat which started 2 days ago, but the doc says it's not a treatable strep ie, meaning not treatable with another round of antibiotics because it's viral, but I have to ride it out with OTC stuff and lots of rest and fluids.

I finished my newest OSW but am too lazy to post it right now - for some reason my DSL is pokey. It's Patons Divine in a super-pale lilac color, how spring-like.
Techie-geek alert: I did get a new Dell All-In-One printer/fax/scanner b/c the Epson ate it 2 months ago and I was surviving on my cheeeeeeeap little $40 mini printer and my fax machine. (Whee! $9 a month on my Dell card hahahaha)
Now all I need is my new cellphone - um - 5 more weeks - and I will be golden. LOL
Help me decide - should I get a pink RAZR or Sidekick?

Later, time for sleeps and NyQuil. 
13 April 2006
  New gadgets and reasons to *urgh* shop
These patterns are cool! Simple, easy and fresh.

These needles are awesome - I have to have them!

Very roxylike, aren't they?

Since they or pattern buying do not count against my Yarn Focus Challenge... I think I will *ahem* go shopping. (Oh yeah, they come with a feather boa holder too heehee)
The other needles I saw on ALi's blog are her Addi Champagne Glitter Straights... where the heck do you find those? I have to have them... knitting and glitter = very roxylike part 2. (Click on her April 10th entry and scroll down)

Back to knitting. More stuff tomorrow.

09 April 2006
  Curing knitting malaise? Orange-y goodness :)

I had posted the other day on the knittyboards about how my knitting groove has been off lately. I, at one point had 17 WIPs going at once, but nothing was getting finished! (I frogged all but 4 because I was so disgusted) I think it's a combination of work, weather, sleep deprivation and season that had taken its toll on my knitting spirit the last 4 months... heck, I'm still overworked and tired but last night I managed to finish another One Skein Wonder that I had forgot about last fall. (I mean, really forgot about it - it was in the bottom of my 3rd briefcase that I haven't used since September) I love this pattern and have made 3 so far, but this one was an experiment in texture and gauge. (Well, not really gauge, since I NEVER gauge swatch LOL) I used Patons Divine (bulky) and size 13 circs for the main part and size 10 circs for the sleeve and body edging/ribbing. It only took about half of the stitches normally required for the pattern on sz 5 & 8 circs and worsted yarn. The FO is really light and airy though - not in a lace, Kidsilk Haze-type of airy, but since the yarn is fluffier than the other 3 I made, it has a cool lofty feel.

So I'm hoping my knitting blues have been cured.

(That's John's hairy-man arm holding the hanger LOL)

PS - Please check out my friend Dan's new blog - he's a phenomenal knitter and cr*ch*ter but had resisted blogging for 3 years, so I dropped him into it LOL
08 April 2006
  Flash Your Stash 2006 pics
(well, what left of the pics I could salvage -- camera is effed up again) This is a little lone basket of random sock, novelty and Cascade yarn in my bedroom. See the store-bought cr*ch*t scarf just hanging out? I'm such a dork. Coolest cheapie knitting tool - that plastic jar was from a container of Aveeno Soy Cleansing pads...when I was done with the pads I washed and dried the inside, drilled and smoothed out a center hole in the lid... voila! A nifty, sturdy portable yarn keeper! It presently has a yarn cake of Fantasy Nauturale that Jaimi/himeykitty sent me last summer.

This is one of 14 totes I store in my teeny, tiny apartment. This particular tote has Jaeger Shetland (the yellowy stuff) Patons Dvine (the pink and blue) Noro Kureyon (purple & green on top, plus about 7 sk underneath), Kidsilk Haze (there's about 6 balls in this tote) and a big ass hank of Burly Spun I got in a swap with Tina/knittinggardener. Under the top yarn there are about 6 sk of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (grass green like to one you can see) for my next Bobblelicious.

This is a sexy little hank of hand-dyed yarn from Allison/natalieknits that she SP'd me a while back and she had dyed it herself. It is so gorgeous that this picture does not do it justice. I can't bring myself to unskein/rewind it yet because I just love to pick it up and pet it, smell it (it's really fruity from the koolaid) and I'm just enjoying the magic of her talent LOL
She is so wonderfully skilled and if y'all are in Saskatchewan, you need to look for her work. (she's an artist)

Another tote. I think I need to take another day off to just reorganize these because I have so many random placements of yarn types and brands in each one. I did have them organized once in the past, but so many quick, furtive rushed searches and stuffing things back and forth (remember: tiny apartment) makes for disarray very quickly. This tote has some Alchemy Lone Star, more Kureyon, some different GGH scarf yarns, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Lambs Pride Worsted, Plymouth Encore and Baby Alpaca, 3 different KnitPicks brands and eyelash.

This is yet another tote of mish-mosh. More Lorna's, more Noro, Crystal Palace and Lambs Pride (top bag left) and the yellow cakes to the right are Lambs Pride Worsted in butter yellow. There's also more Fun Fur, Classic Elite Bam Boo, Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, Patons Classic Wool, Cascade 220, more Alchemy, and some random Katia at the bottom. I have 14 totes total plus some smaller bags and baskets hidden in various locations (under the bed, behind the TV/entertainment stand, linen closet, and under my desk) and my car. This does not include my origami paper stash, my bead and wire crafting stash, my embroidering stash, my pattern books and magazine stash, scrapbooking/sticker stash or my paint/notecard/greeting card/paper arts stash.

It is totally an illness, I tell you. And what's really sad is the fact that I have another window open as I'm blogging showing a yarn shopping page loaded with a cart filled with 7 items I've selected, but have not checked out yet.

I really wish I could make a living crafting and knitting. I would be so dang happy.

Until later, the Busch race is on now and I'm going to work on my CLapotis.


This is a random extra pic of the Spider Chrysanthemum I made last week from the Noni bag patterns I'm currently working on. It's felted and drying as we speak. (Cascade 220)

I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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