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18 February 2005
  Knitting-Bag-For-Yarn Swaps? Just a random thought --- I was sorting though my various stashes and found that I have over 25 beautiful, gently-used handbags/purses that I would like to find homes for in exchange for nice yarn items.... if anyone is interested, please message me. I can post photos when i'm feeling better but I just wanted to put the feelers out... 
13 February 2005
  Lunar/Chinese New Year I almost forgot - wanted to educate the round-eye community on what us Asians are all in a tizzy this Lunar New Year LOL

By the way, you should hear the worthless purring going on in my lap. 
  Sickie sick I am sicker than a dog!
Sorry I haven't been chatty or posting any rants but I am sooooo sick - spent the last 2 days curled up under a blanket with bronchitis and the flu and if it weren't for the fact that I had to drag my tired hide out of bed today to process payroll, I would still be asleep. But my crew might like to get paid on Friday so I went in & got it done, then came back home - I'm now heavily drugged and am going back to bed. I'm even too sick to knit! My poor husband and cat keep poking me to make sure I'm okay, so hopefully I'll be back in full force tomorrow or Tuesday.
Side note- Kelly, I got your care package, thank you! I haven't cracked it open yet, but I will soon. Very...achy..and...sleeepy....
09 February 2005
  Mushy Mushy... Happy CHinese New Year! Hey all - it's been a few days since I've been able to blog/chat/email or knit...been a crrrrraaaaazy week and will only get crazier til the end of the month...
Right now I am eating a cup of melted homemade ice cream, but it is so darn good that I don't care if it's melted... it's called Sweet Cream mixed with chopped almods and pineapple chunks, from the Cold Stone Creamery in Landover, MD - made fresh daily, but this gi-normus cup of ice cream cost me almost six bucks so you better beeeeleeve I'm going to finish it - and lick the cup! hahahaha

Let me tell you, Jaimi from Plays With Yarn ROCKS! I transacted some Kureyon from her and she was gracious, prompt and speedy with my order... fabulous! Thank you thank you thank you Jaimi you are an angel :)

Been playing with my new Kureyon. Actually, I haven't taken it out of the bag yet, because it's just too pretty, but it's #88 - gold, hunter, brown, magenta, lime & purple... beautiful. I LOVE Noro yarns, esp. Kureyon. If I successfully construct my first Kyoto without minimal death & destruction, then I'll be making another in Kureyon... I visualize Booga Bags, armwarmers, mittens, hats...*sigh*

Random rant: why do smokers who drive on the highways toss their ciggy butts out the window so that they hit my car? Sheesh, hello, the world is NOT your personal ashtray, thank you! Or how about people who are on public assistance (food stamps, welfare, the likes) but smoke? Or come knocking on your door as soon as they see you come home from work to ask for bread, milk, orange juice, cereal, bananas whatever to feed their crying toddler b/c the weekly welfare check is still 2 days away from arriving in the mail, but they seem to find the $ to buy cigarettes -- yet there's a crying baby on your doorstep and you don't have the heart to say no to a hungry little one... It's pissing me off today.

Okay back to my Kureyon. I think I will make a sample skinny scarf out of some of my new yarn, just to see... For anyone who is in PG or Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Miss Kelly (keebert) from MDKnittingCats has started a local group for us, trying to develop it into a regular sNb so please please please take a peek and join in!

okey doke --- gotta change out of the work duds and find my fuzzy slippers. I have a date with Kureyon and some new DPNs -- be back later....

PS --- "mushy mushy" is a sort of slang salutation that is used in Japan to answer the telephone instead of "hello". I learned that today from one of my patients who is Japanese and was traveling on business *chuckle*
03 February 2005
  *grrrrowl* Talk about stress...not sleeping well this week - someone tried to break into my place of business and now my staff is all creeped out - HOWEVER, no (additional) worries because my boss & I are partnering with LP and local law enforcement to keep risks to a minimum... heck, I probably need another vacation. BUT - I am almost finished with John's Kureyon beanie hat *yay* and it is snowing lightly right now.

Yay part 2

Wendy (Zib) has approved me for the KNittyheads Ring (thank you) and I've already found some cool sister Knittyhead sites...


Borders in Annapolis -- free knitting sNb group... John just brought home a monthly flyer from there and it lists the next group time. Anyone up for it?
Borders in Landover --- saw some cute knitting kits from Suss on clearance for 50% off -- baby blanket, long scarf, or unisex beanie kits comes with very nice yarn, bamboo needles, pattern -- all in a nifty poly bag... I bought 3 kits to keep in the gift stash (next to the yarn & paper stash hee hee)
Speaking of paper stash - did I mention to anyone I do origami too?I have this insane amount of paper from Korea & Japan - poor John, everywhere he looks there is remnants of my crafting obsessions
Okey doke... gotta go grab some grub... be back L8R

01 February 2005
  You have to see this...'s Womb creator Mizuna has this ... well, check it out for yourself:

I haven't stopped laughing in 10 minutes
I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

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