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27 August 2005
  The berfday that really never ends! I received a huge swap package from LaRose in Montreal from the knitty boards.. inside were my SRKertzer size 11 bamboo straights plus:
BIG THANK YOU'S to a wonderful swap buddy

And I received a card from my SP5 - it's all glittery with flowers and butterflies :)


20 August 2005
  The Berfday that never ends OMG big hugs and snogs to Jaimi/himeykitty2 for an unbelieveable RAK/berfday gifty box that I received at my work (it came Thursday but I was off til today) that was filled with so many wondermous goodies ---- I was squeeeeee-ing so loud, customers heard me from my office in the back LOL

  1. Lorna's Laces yarn in a rich cherry red, brown and orange colorway
  2. Plymouth Indiecita in a salmon pink
  3. Hello Kitty Pez and stickers
  4. NASCAR stickers
  5. a funky, amazing pink swirly tape measure
  6. A wonderfully soft handknitted dish/wash cloth in pastel purple, pink, yellow & white
  7. and a hilarious & cute berfday card with a kitten on it
  8. all wrapped in purple tissue paper

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Jaimi - I love my gifts!!! (ranks right up there with Stephy's awesome flowers)

I also received a Harry & David shipment of chocolate from Rachelle and she tells me there is a part 2 to that gift as well *wow* --- lordy I am so blessed, thank you to all my friends and family who are always so thoughtful!

I wish my camera was operating properly - I want to share how amazing my last 3 weeks' worth of schwag and goodies/gifts really are in living color lol

Speaking of faulty equipment - I need a new cellphone. My piece o' sh*t Nokia is taking on a life of its own and I can't get a new phone til May of 2006 according to my lame ass contract (well, without paying a mad penalty fee)... What to do, what do do?... *grrrrrrrr*
Actually I don't usually hate on Nokia, but I really do need a new phone.

'Scuse me while I go knit something LOL

TTYL hugs, rox
18 August 2005
Day after my berfday - I slept til 10:30 am. I'm off til Saturday - yay!!!!

Thanks to my Yahoo group Maryland KnittingCats and the knitty Coffeeshop community for wishing me great "Happi burfy" (to quote aevanis from knitty LOL) greetings - it really made me smile!

We went to TGiFridays with a bunch of friends and co-workers and had a lovely time. If I wasn't so exhausted, we would have gone to the movies, but as it was most were ready for bed by 10:15 pm which is sad because it's a sign of aging. Back in day day we would have pulled the 4 am all niter!

My knitty berfday thread

John is taking me out to lunch at Eatzi's then we are prolly going shopping at IKEA or Montgomery Mall. I wanted to go to an Orioles game but they are out of town - figures - or I might hit up a Borders/Barnes & Noble. Will go to an LYS tomorrow by myself b/c it's not possible to bring the hubby yarn shopping LMAO
I found this at Monkee's blog - this was hilarious


Okay hitting the showers,
love ya,

16 August 2005
  Happy berfday to meeeee .... ... in less than 45 minutes.

08 August 2005
  Steal a button for linking to my blog!

Hee hee I was playing with this Gimp 2.0 graphics editor program that John loves and came up with these...feel free to gank so you can link to me!

04 August 2005
  Need to stomp on my camera Hi all - I know I haven't posted any new pics in weeks and I apologize. My camera is making me angry (to quote Jaimi LOL) so *sigh* I can't decide if I should beat my current one into submission or get a new one (click here for this awesome HP Gwen Stefani dealie!)

So needless to say, I have lots of pics I'd love to post

My SP4 schwag from Stephy (Thank you!)
My new SMS stitch markers sent from Suzie (FIRST SET!!! Woohoo!) (Thank you!)
My current WIPs
Some funny Angel antics
Another beautiful RAK box from Sandra/wyldeyez, with more Canadiana, a set of gorgeous stitchmarkers in green & gold (Sandra, are you one of my SMS secret pals?) and a de-fuzzing tool (yay!) THANK YOU! :)

But they must wait --- so Meowycakes fans, please be patient!

Thank you to Suzie for my absolutely charming (AND PINK) stitch markers - they came in the cutest pink organza baggie with Japanese gum (woop!) and hahahaha Flanders HOT mints (Simpsons' thingy - John loves the Simpsons)

Thank you to Stephy for my SP4 gifty - a box stuffed with 3 huge skeins of Patons Classic Merino --- I see felting in my future LOL--- a ball of Bernat Matrix in a gorgeous purple colorway, a set of sz 7 16" Clover circs, and


I LOVE Marmite. Stephy is amazing! She was so clever and very attentive - I made a comment about Marmite a few months ago to Sadie on the knitty boards, and Steph picked up it. Wow!

Amazing I tell you. Amazing ;o) 
I'm knitting-crazy! Welcome to my blog - all knitting, all cats, all the time ...come in, get warm and share your thoughts and pics --- it's all good! Mewsings, scratchings, and a long nap in the sun....

This is Angel:)

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