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29 May 2008
  My Emergency Knitting bag :)
My Emergency Knitting bag :)
Originally uploaded by こんにちはキティ harajukuroxy アン.

...Thanks - courtesy of May aka illiane and Miss Cristi for pimping it on her blog first! <----- here is how to score one of your own :)

Hee hee - shown here with my current WIP --- Marnie MacLean's Executive Funk!

Happy Thursday!

And to answer those who have been msg/emailing/smoke signaling me --- yes, my back is much better, thank you. Shoulder is still tweaky, but back = muuuuch better :)

27 May 2008
  Duran Duran!

at Merriweather Post, Columbia, MD 
23 May 2008
  2008 USNA Commissioning Week
2008 USNA Commissioning Week
Originally uploaded by Radio Rover.

This photo was taken by my friend Ulis. We are both huge Navy fans LOL and the Blue Angels were in town this week for USNA Commissioning 2008. Unfortunately, with my back & shoulder - I haven't done much of anything except when I absolutely had to get out of bed and go to work.
So I have to live the experience this year through his wonderful photographs.

21 May 2008
  Because everyone needs a hi-speed cat piccie in their day
Originally uploaded by Mats&Muffi.

... this is in my favorites list on FLickr... I was trying to post something cheery, since we are still trying to organize the photos from this past weekend.

7 states in 3 days - so sorry to the PA/NJ/NY/MA/CT/DE/MD knittyheads/Spotpeople whom we did not get to stop and see, but our schedule was much tighter that we thought :(

Right now I am in excruciating pain. I did something to my shoulder while in NH and started taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hrs to manage the pain. Now for the last 2 days my kidneys have been swelling (known side effect for mass dosage of ib) and I can't bend over - so I had to stop and switch to Tylenol because I can't get in to see my doc or my chiropractor til next week and I am NOT going to the ER to have them put an ice pack on my shoulder or a heating pad on my back and prescribe Tylenol anyways for $782 and not have the insurance company cover/reimburse me for the visit. Ask me how I know this.

So I am getting ready for bed because I have to work in the morning. If I can get 8-10 hrs sleep I might be okay. Where is Sharon when you need her? LOL


This is part of the photos we took on the road trip. When it wasn't raining, the landscape was beautiful. I knitted & napped in the car most of the way, but it was almost zen-like. I'll be back tomorrow/later with more details, but for now my bed is looking pretty good. Kisses,

19 May 2008
  Happy Belated Berfday Emma!
Originally uploaded by trillian42.rm.

Our sweet KnittingKitty Emma was on the SeaSockySocks08 cruise while her berfday happened upon us knittyheads - Pam took this photo from the cruise.


15 May 2008
  Friendly greetings!
Friendly greetings!
Originally uploaded by Torley.

one of My Flickr contacts - Torley (a SecondLifer) made this supercute avatar. I just had to give props.

Been a busy week for the roxinator - finals and now I am on my way to New Hampshire for the weekend...

a very important event...

a same sex civil union between 2 of my oldest friends :)


Or as we call it in our circle of loonies
"THE gay wedding"

Can't wait. We were originally going to schedule in a stop or two in NY/NJ but as we look at our truncated timetable (had to shave off 2 days from the original planning due to work and limited PTO/fundage), it does not look like there is enough time to have a significant stop & socialize with our friends & family on the way. It sucks because I have many knittyheads and non-knittys whom I want to see!
So for those of you who there's been dialogue and hopes of a roxy invasion, I so sorry :(
will have to do better next time.

I still have to finish packing, so I will blogatcha from the road.


09 May 2008
  Rock n' rice :)
Originally uploaded by nerdcoop.

MJ aka nerdcoop was in town this week from Illinois and we met in Washington, DC this afternoon - we've been chatting for years on the knittyboards, but this is the first time we've met IRL and I totally adore this fabulous, talented and beautiful woman. Woot!

I'm still uploading photos from MD S&W and today's happenings, but it has been a busy, busy May so far - with finals and studying, and work and the fact that someone stole a shitload of gas out of my car (the ol' 70's siphon trick - mutha fuckas) right after I had filled up... whew!

I'll be back in a bit, just trying to get rid of a nasty headache I've had since dinnertime.

05 May 2008
  Roxy Indeed
Originally uploaded by

I have some amazing friends - this was a pressie from Jas & Missy this weekend... apparently they paid some random artist in Philly to make a custom Roxy banner for me as a surprise. I love it!

More blogging & piccies later ... gotta finish uploading (this piccie is from Jas's Flickr stream)


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This is Angel:)

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