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08 April 2006
  Flash Your Stash 2006 pics
(well, what left of the pics I could salvage -- camera is effed up again) This is a little lone basket of random sock, novelty and Cascade yarn in my bedroom. See the store-bought cr*ch*t scarf just hanging out? I'm such a dork. Coolest cheapie knitting tool - that plastic jar was from a container of Aveeno Soy Cleansing pads...when I was done with the pads I washed and dried the inside, drilled and smoothed out a center hole in the lid... voila! A nifty, sturdy portable yarn keeper! It presently has a yarn cake of Fantasy Nauturale that Jaimi/himeykitty sent me last summer.

This is one of 14 totes I store in my teeny, tiny apartment. This particular tote has Jaeger Shetland (the yellowy stuff) Patons Dvine (the pink and blue) Noro Kureyon (purple & green on top, plus about 7 sk underneath), Kidsilk Haze (there's about 6 balls in this tote) and a big ass hank of Burly Spun I got in a swap with Tina/knittinggardener. Under the top yarn there are about 6 sk of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (grass green like to one you can see) for my next Bobblelicious.

This is a sexy little hank of hand-dyed yarn from Allison/natalieknits that she SP'd me a while back and she had dyed it herself. It is so gorgeous that this picture does not do it justice. I can't bring myself to unskein/rewind it yet because I just love to pick it up and pet it, smell it (it's really fruity from the koolaid) and I'm just enjoying the magic of her talent LOL
She is so wonderfully skilled and if y'all are in Saskatchewan, you need to look for her work. (she's an artist)

Another tote. I think I need to take another day off to just reorganize these because I have so many random placements of yarn types and brands in each one. I did have them organized once in the past, but so many quick, furtive rushed searches and stuffing things back and forth (remember: tiny apartment) makes for disarray very quickly. This tote has some Alchemy Lone Star, more Kureyon, some different GGH scarf yarns, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Lambs Pride Worsted, Plymouth Encore and Baby Alpaca, 3 different KnitPicks brands and eyelash.

This is yet another tote of mish-mosh. More Lorna's, more Noro, Crystal Palace and Lambs Pride (top bag left) and the yellow cakes to the right are Lambs Pride Worsted in butter yellow. There's also more Fun Fur, Classic Elite Bam Boo, Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, Patons Classic Wool, Cascade 220, more Alchemy, and some random Katia at the bottom. I have 14 totes total plus some smaller bags and baskets hidden in various locations (under the bed, behind the TV/entertainment stand, linen closet, and under my desk) and my car. This does not include my origami paper stash, my bead and wire crafting stash, my embroidering stash, my pattern books and magazine stash, scrapbooking/sticker stash or my paint/notecard/greeting card/paper arts stash.

It is totally an illness, I tell you. And what's really sad is the fact that I have another window open as I'm blogging showing a yarn shopping page loaded with a cart filled with 7 items I've selected, but have not checked out yet.

I really wish I could make a living crafting and knitting. I would be so dang happy.

Until later, the Busch race is on now and I'm going to work on my CLapotis.


This is a random extra pic of the Spider Chrysanthemum I made last week from the Noni bag patterns I'm currently working on. It's felted and drying as we speak. (Cascade 220)

Ohh! love your spider crys. Is that a hint of the colors you are using for your bag?? Inquiring minds want to know ;)
I'm coming down and going shopping in your stash. :)
No matter how ill we think we are...Alice is iller.
No matter how ill we think we are...Alice is iller.
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