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07 September 2006
  I had two emotional extremes today less than 30 minutes apart...

First. I was on my way to work and came down the highway to roll up behind the most wonderful car I've seen in a long time... the 2006 Saleen Ford Mustang 281 GT. In graphite gray, with chrome black ground effects and a quad exhaust that just RUMBLED and made me swoon it was so beautiful. The guy driving it was a little geeky, but what the hell - I'd do him just for the car LOL (oh stop it- I am so kidding) ... but either way, I had 19 miles of pure driving fun just keeping up/riding shotgun to this gorgeous car and Mr. Geek obliged by letting me draft him so I could feel the rumble all the way to the light before I turn off to my mall. I'm an extremely happy cat by this point.

Second. I got to work a few minutes early so I decided to save a trip and make an exchange of some cat-related goods at my local Petco location. You all have been thru it before--- you buy stuff and purchase too much (can we say yarn sale?) so you make the move to get your $ back or some kind of credit, etc. so that you are not stuck with stuff you ain't gonna use. Well, I had made my purchase about 3 weeks ago at a Petco a little closer to home - but not convenient hours-wise - yet I had lost the receipt so I'm figuring store credit for the current price was acceptable, since I wasn't smart enough to save the receipt and also figured that these locations were close enough that they could honor my exchange... boy, was I assuming a lot. To make a long story short - the ignorant bitch Assistant Manager basically accused me of stealing, refused to do my exchange, and gave me false info when I asked to speak to her supervisor or district manager.All from the doorway of her office.When I pressed the issue,she scribbled a "Customer Relations" phone # that was wrong so I had to hunt down the right # myself, then was rudely dissed by the CSR Denise who happened to waste air on the other end of my connection.



SO in short... I was blissfully ecstatic (following around the 400 horsepower of a $60,00 muscle car) and horrendously outraged (for $12 worth of pet products) in the span of less than 30 minutes today.


Well, anyways.... have a cat. I'm going to go knit.
Oh sweetie. I'd call again and complain about both people.

I won't tell you what we call Petco, it's not very nice, so I completely understand.

My neighbor has that car. Your right, it's a beauty.
that background is OUT OF THIS WORLD, my roxy angel. i could watch the fishies all day!

::blows kisses::

::boos petstore::
Whenever we go to a pet store it is always Petsmart.

Sorry about your experience!

I love the rockin' cat!
Love the background. I've never had great servie at Petco. And even Petsmart can be hit or miss.
Well @#%$% Petco then. They're more expensive too.. motherholes.. I don't know about a Petsmart but I've got Petland here and a few mom-and-pop shops here as well. Thanx for the headsup.. I won't be buying there anymore..
Swoon!!!!!! (Mustang) ... Pet stuff is to dang expensive.
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