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17 April 2007
  My knitting mojo is in turmoil

bitch, please.

Originally uploaded by harajukuroxy.

I haven't been able to complete a row in 3 days, and this senseless violence at Virginia Tech doesn't help. Been crying since I heard full details about it since yesterday afternoon -- first news I got was @ 10:16 am while making the store's bank deposit. I almost fell over when I heard about the first shooting, and haven't stopped crying since getting details about the Norris Hall massacre. I was depressed when I heard about the guy who jumped off the Empire State Building on Friday afternoon, and only his leg had made it to the sidewalk below. I don't even know why I'm so upset because I don't know any of these people except that it is making me sad to even imagine the evil, turmoil and violence that is brewing outside my 4 walls. (Other than the Leech and her crappy "writing" project, but that's a whole other can of worms that I care not to re-open)

Blew out my knee yesterday while doing stuff at work and that's not making me happy, because I'm fine only when I stand in one place for a short period of time, or don't have to walk or get up from a sitting position...but what do I do all day? Stand and walk around and if I sit down to rest my working leg/take pressure off the injured leg then I have to get up.

So I was hoping to complete my sweater today, but I just picked up my WIP and couldn't do anything but stare at it. It's dinnertime, and I'm hungry but it's more work that I want to put into to go eat something for dinner. And tomorrow I have to go walk around Annapolis for work-related tasking, then finish my day at the store. And no, I cannot take time off because there is so much work to be done.
My one day off this week is a road trip to NJ but I must be back in time for work on Sat. morning.

I almost bought a supply of yarn - more Twinkle Soft Chunky - and another Lexie bag, but I stopped myself because this iwould be depression shopping, and for all the wrong reasons, so I reined myself back on the reservation for now and will see how I feel after I get back from NJ. No time to visit NY/NJ knittyheads - sorry - but maybe I will see you at MD S&W.

*pets a ball of KSH for inspiration*

Thanks for letting me bitch and vent.


I love you, sweetie.
Well when you're visiting NJ, the warm a fuzzy feeling you feel coming from the Bloomfield Exit will be from me.
More ((((hugs))))
I'm proud of you for resisting the temptation to buy -- it takes a strong cat to differentiate and you did it. Sorry things are so lousy with the outside world and there is so much sadness right now. But there is good, too, so keep those whiskers up and I really hope to see you soon! When is CT opening? My friend asks me every 12 seconds!

I'll give you a better hug in 2 weeks.
The shooting made me sick too. I didn't snap out of it for days, all I could do was check the news, and I only know one person at Tech.

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