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18 September 2007
tire grit in my cup @ Richmond

I suppose I should blog more than 2x a month - but I'm drawing a complete blank right now and it's 12:03 am as I beging this posty.

Well... I guess I can talk about my Monkey Bag order that is supposedly coming this week :)
(and no I am NOT the bitchy knitblogger who flaked on payment for Gigi on a custom order LOL)
Or the knit mirror ball I ordered from Bezzie about 30 minutes ago. Or the fact that my feet ache and I am in desperate need of a pedicure and some quality time with my husband. (Not talking about sex, just time.) Or quality time with my knitting. (can that be construed as sex? *snort*)
Pam & Kris popped in @ work to see me for 30 seconds today and it totally lifted my spirits.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that John gets his promotion. He's been working really hard and he deserves it.

Modern technology marvel - I washed a frequently-used flash drive AGAIN for the second time and it effing survived!

I have piccies from Richmond (yay - had a blast) and I sold a buttload of knitting needles on eBay over the weekend. Am going to Dover on Sunday.

Our hotel room in Richmond was one step above the room I had in Philly and that's not saying much. Sh*tty "free high speed internet" and a broken security lock on the door was just the tip of the iceberg. I swear we need to set our budget higher for more quality hotel options... needless to say, John sent a nice little email to the corporate office complete with photos to detail our experiences.

The other side of "I'm afraid to answer the telephone"?

Our grandmother Betty passed away while we were in Richmond. John essentially had to turn around from when we got home from the race (and the previous drive to WV for Karen's funeral) and go right back to WV. I however could not get the time off - it was not physically possible with all the schedule b.s. going on at my jobs.



I am entertaining the idea of going back to school. However I am not looking forward to essentially starting all over again, and 7 years of being a starving student. I will have to think on this a bit more...if anyone has an opinion or advice either based on personal experience or association, please message me.

To Terby, Soapy and Sharon, sorry I have not gotten back to you about my berfday contest but I have to get my parcels together... I promise I will make it worth your while :)

My new (old) obsession: books.
I've just rediscovered Simon LeBon's "book club". Don't laugh - he's got some awesome picks.
Check it out. (And yes, he did read the last Harry Potter book LOL)

Many hugs for now - must.get.sleep.

You sound tired, Roxy! I hope it slows down a little for you soon. Not too much - just long enough for you to catch your breath. :)
Any chance John can give you that pedicure? Or at least get your tootsies limber and relaxed before you head off for the pedi? ;-)

I got your order today and laughed at your email address--I thought the IRS found more money wrong they wanted and sent the big guns at the White House after me! :-P
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