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07 October 2007
  A glassy-eyed non-knitting cat
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I worked a double yesterday. With my back all jacked up and taking 6 ibuprofen every 4 hours just so I could stand... my opening mgr had to call out because her little girl was sick (which I am totally sympathetic to, really) but that left only me to hold down the fort. Which I why I am home today all twisted up like a pretzel. No way I was going to work 14 hrs then another 9 - eff that.
I'm trying to find a chiropractor to see tomorrow morning before I go into work, but OMG apparently none of them take my insurance and I cannot afford $129 for the visit. I mean, I could pay it but then why do I have insurance? That would be a payment to one of my credit cards or a utility bill, when I already pay $187 a month for Blue Cross... This makes me crazy.

The good thing is that I get to sit home today with tea, a moist heating pad and my knitting- watching football, NASCAR and the Mewling Stomachs outside on the patio, teasing Angel.

Stitches East is this week - I think I might be able to go for one day.

I wrote a vent email to a small circle of my friends a few weeks ago, and got some fantastic responses. I'm still chewing on the information and rolling it around in my head, but it's being considered thoroughly. I thank all of you who have been a part of my fact-finding journey and will talk to you guys more about it in the near future. The neat thing is that, over the weekend, I enrolled for a few classes at the community college to get a ball rolling again, any ball rolling. I will basically be one old-ass freshman, since I am essentially starting over.

I am angry with one of my sisters. I won't say which one but I can just say that it's a skinny one. (funny huh? All 3 of them are less than 100 lbs) She makes me so frustrated with her attitude towards me and lack of using her brain. I don't love her any less - heavens no - I just pray every day for this dilemma of my anger towards her because I have enough stress going on without having to worry about family relations. My SIL just got a nifty tattoo last week - it's to honor Dad and it makes me smile, because I loved my FIL and John & I miss him dearly - he was a huge Steelers & NASCAR fan and loved me because we got along so well. Plus, I know my way around cars and power tools *wink*

A hello to all my friends. I apologize for not being in touch but you know my situation. I was frustrated that I had to miss sNb last Thursday, because it's a time I look forward to every week and I schedule my workweeks around that time if I can make it happen.

On the fun and smiley front-
I can't wait for Duran Duran's new album to come out Nov. 13th - it's called RED CARPET MASSACRE and I've already heard 4 songs off it. They are playing in NY next month to coincide with the release, but unfortunately, we will have to wait until the regular tour embarks b/c $150 for a general admission ticket is out of the question. I've invested a fortune this year in NASCAR and I have to draw limits. Same subject - the Hooters are playing in Philadelphia on my wedding anniversary, and the tickets are more affordable, but we will be home in WV that weekend for a wedding so again, can't make it happen right now.

Gigi of
Monkey Toes has outdone herself. I love my sock bag collection. Now all I have to do is wait for Zonda's shop to open and I may feed my bag fetish further LOL

I have an extra Ravelry invite to offer up to someone who hasn't signed up yet or is somewhere in no-man's land on the wait list. Msg me if you truly cannot wait and let's see what we can do


Other than that - nothing else is going on in my boring little corner of the world. I'm sorting through some piccies to put up, so until next post...


that is all.
Nothing wrong with being an old-ass freshman. One of my dorm roomies was like she was cool!
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